Marasi Marine

We provide firefighting equipment services and solutions. 

With certified personnel performing all service and inspection of firefighting equipment. 

Supply, Services, Inspections, & Certifications of the following:

  • Fire Fighting Suit (Supply)
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers (Dry Chemical, Foam, Water, CO2)
  • Firehose (Inspection, Installation, Maintenance, Hydro-testing of Firehose & Couplings)
  • Fire Nozzle, Couplings and hydrants (Supply)
  • SCBA & EEBD (Servicing, Maintenance, Hydro-testing & Refilling)
  • Breathing Air Compressor (Inspection & Air quality testing)
  • CO₂ Fixed system (Inspection & Certification)
    – Hydrotesting of CO₂ cylinders
    – Internal inspection of control valves
    – Level/weight check of cylinders
    – Replacing of hose assemble
    – Visual inspection